Kit not up to date

i just install Omniverse beta today downloaded the launcher wich is the 1.1.4
And install two apps :

  • Create wich install the 2021.3.0
  • Kit wich install the100.1

Wy it is not the 2020.2.2 ?
How to update for the lasted Kit version ?

My interest in Omniverse it is mainly the Kit to create app.


It is my understanding that currently it’s a bit of a mess. There’s a standalone kit, but also each app contains its own version of kit (under kit subfolder).

Looking at the current latest versions available on Windows for major apps:

standalone kit
Kit Version: 100.1.45348-0d7f253d-release

Kit 101.0+release.228.d34aba4f.teamcity

Kit 102.0+release.45746.c5c4f6fe.teamcity

Kit 102.0.1+release.45875.1f49d27b.teamcity

Looks like the newer the app release, the more up to date kit it ships with. I am not sure about how it will be consolidated going forward.

Note that I am by no means an expert on this, but it looks like If you’re interested in working with the latest kit version to create apps and extensions, you can pick the kit version you like from the available apps.

Hi, thx for the answer.

So, do you mean i can take the content of the Kit directory from the app i want.
Example :

And replace the content of the Kit release directory in the standalone Kit 100.1 ?


@luc.loubat - Yes, various applications may have diff version of Kit. Over time this will stabilize (we are in beta now), but this might always be the case for some applications.

Overriding the Kit with a something from another application is not recommended. Updates and infra can be corrupted.

Hi, thx for the answer.

Yes no problem, it is super nice to have a open beta to start learning with.
So, how i can setup my workspace to able to use a different kit version than the 100.1 ?


Hi @luc.loubat! The development team has informed me that we will be updating the Kit SDK this week. To avoid any confusion in the future, we will be keeping the Kit SDK inline with our Create Application.

Very nice news.
Looking forward to use it.

Thx a lot for that.