Kodi 18 on Nano?

Kodi 18 on Nano?

Kodi 18 is available to the ubuntu apt repo in version 20.04. if you use my ubuntu 20.04 image that I created for the jetson nano all you need to do is sudo apt install kodi.

So I assume Kodi will not be working on Ubuntu18.04?

You can build it yourself , it’s pretty easy… And a good first project for a beginner also. Head over to the xbmc GitHub page. They have instructions for compiling there. I don’t mind helping if you run into problems. Kodi 17 is the only.official version that I’m aware of for 18.04 on arm64 based platforms.

But building kodi18 Is easy enough.

well, i use to update quite often kodi 19 (Matrix) from its sources within jetpack/L4T official images and it works quite well, even if there is no hardware acceleration. Everything is fine and smooth for 1080p (that’s what my TV is right now) but there is no way to reach atmos/dts:x bitstreaming (i guess it must depend on the obsolete alsa driver in 18.04) or pulseaudio (even updating to pulse 13 from sources the passthrough is not complete yet), The only real trouble i had to fix was building projectM vis, as the freetype used by kodi doesn’t support aarch64 as an arch so had to copy the config.sub and guess fron the automake folder to make it build

Is Kodi 18 running with GPU on Ubuntu 20.04?

I was able to get Kodi HW acceleration working for Jetson Nano. We have active testing going on Kodi forum.
We got Docker container which contains V19 Matrix Kodi build (https://hub.docker.com/r/aliubimov/kodi-tegra) also source code is hosted here (still under development, so bear with me)


Sorry to bump this topic.

Can you provide me with the Docker file you used. I want to build a container for the mpv player with hw acceleration from this topic:

Thanks a lot and I hope the progress on Kodi HW acceleration is coming well.

Hlo i installeld like u discribed. all works fine. After rebooting the Nano i cant get back to Ubuntu desktop. I can shut down Kodi. After powerup Kodi still booting. How can i adjust the bootfile or when i reinstall everything forsee thath Kodi works like an app ? Thanks in advance. Just got the Nano for 1 week and need to lurn programming the Nano…step by step ;-)