L4T 32.1 Jetpack 4.2 Flashing jetson with on guest VM -> Working method

Hello to Jetson community.
I am Debian user and today tried to flash the newest image L4T 32.1 for Jetson on VM because of no spare workstation and no spare harddrive for setting up Ubuntu as main OS. There is no option for Debian to allow download L4T so I tried many setups and spent on it 6 hours, and wanted to save time of anyone trying to flash it on virtualbox.

I tried many physical ports, wires, with guest addons and extension, usb filters and all of usb modes and just struggled all of the time reading disconnected message resulting flash to fail.
It is not working at the moment.
If you really need to flash it via VM for me workaround was install VMWare 15 Player, connect to usb 2.0 port and force usb 2.0 support.
Connecting to usb 3.0 with forcing 2.0 wasn’t working for me.

Cheers, DP

Using a VM is not supported. Even so, some people have managed to get this to work. FYI, USB is typically doing a re-enumeration once in a while during flash, and a VM which does not get complete ownership of this port loses the device. I can’t answer how, but if you can provide options such that this device never passes to host and always passes to the VM it might work.