[L4T 32.3.1] Using mass flash image flashes NVIDIA stock img


We are getting ready to move to production with a Jetson Nano board, and we are testing mass flashing. We can successfully flash our custom imgs onto the production (emmc) modules by running ./flash.sh, and now want to do mass flashing.

So I created the mass flash img with ‘./nvmassflashgen.sh jetson-nano-emmc mmcblk0p1’.
This created a .tbz2 file which I then unzipped in the SAME host pc and tried to flash the SAME emmc board with ‘sudo ./nvmflash.sh’. It flashes successfully, but it booted NVIDIA’s stock img rather than our custom img.

Is there anyway to resolve this? Thank you so much.

hello kevin.choi,

you should confirm your host machine has already update $OUT/Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/system.img with your customized image.
please also check Flash Script Usage session, you may enable -G options to saves the image to the specified file, if you would like to clone your target’s image.
above -G commands only works with Nano-emmc, we don’t support cloning on Nano-SD.
please also check similar discussion threads for reference, for example, Topic 127193, and Topic 141950.