L4t r35.1

Hello, I have encountered some problems with L4T-R35.1:

  1. When building the kernel, there are two methods, as shown below. What’s the difference
        ./nvbuild.sh -o $PWD/kernel_out

        make ARCH=arm64 O=$PWD/kernel_out tegra_defconfig
        make ARCH=arm64 O=$PWD/kernel_out -j8
  1. Is the OEM documentation for xavier nx released now.

Hi Yolomei

Please refer to the following link for details of building the kernel
Building the Kernel

First method is a script including all necessary steps to build the kernel.

Second method is used to build the kernel config (.config) first and then build the kernel including all DTBs and module.

Ok, thank you.
Has this document been published?

L4T-R35.1 has been released.
You can refer to the following link for all necessary documents and tools
Jetson Linux 35.1 | NVIDIA Developer

This document is not found. Can you publish it?thank you!!

What is the exact document you are asking here?

A file similar to this TX2

Jetson TX2 Series OEM Product Design Guide.pdf


That means hardware design guide… has been released for years…

All hardware design docs are in dlc. We will update the version periodically.

I saw all the OEM documents except xavier NX

Because the file name does not have “OEM”… try to go through your list without using filter first…

In case you still not able to find it…

Ok, thank you!!

Please search the string product design guide from now on.

Ok,thank you!!

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