LAN configuration

Hi , We are using Jetson L4T 32.7.2 with customized carrier board.
One Ethernet port connected over PCI (Eth1) , that is working as expected .
Now we have unmanaged 2 more ethernet port (eth0) which is connected through KSZ9477S( Ethernet Switch ) and one WiFi module Omega 2S from Onion is connected through KSZ9477S chip only.

Now wanted to create LAN for two ethernet and one wifi. Please can you suggest us some hints.

I can’t answer as a whole, but you will want to provide the output of “ifconfig” and “route” and “iwconfig” for whoever answers. Additionally, you’ll want to state if the device tree was modified for the customization of the carrier board. Finally, you should also provide the serial console boot log and what release you are using.

There is an successful example with jp5, you can write similar device tree to jp4 and see if it can work or not.

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Thanks for your reply , We got some hints from below link.

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