How to forward ethernet port kernel level

We are using Jetson L4T 32.7.2 with customized carrier board.
One Ethernet port connected over PCI (Eth1) WAN , that is working as expected .
Now we have unmanaged 2 more ethernet port (eth0) which is connected through KSZ9477S( Ethernet Switch ) and one WiFi module Omega 2S from Onion is connected through KSZ9477S chip only.

How to forward port PCI Eth1 to Eth0 or vice versa.
From LAN(Eth0) not able to ping WAN IP or ping .
Port forward did not help.
Both are different network meeting at Jetson. Can you suggest any kernel level forwarding or any other suggestion welcome.
Please refer flow block/flow diagram

I can’t answer, but this should be the same on any Linux system. It wouldn’t be custom to a Jetson. Whatever documentation you find on port forwarding in Ubuntu should be correct for a Jetson (though I suppose there might be a kernel feature required, but you’d see that when you set up forwarding based on any Ubuntu PC forwarding).

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