Last mile deliver

Hi All,

I am interested in creating an autonomous vehicle prototype for last mile delivery. The vehicle will be low speed, 30 mph or less. It is based on NVIDIA Xavier and mostly cameras, including ZED stereo camera and a low cost lidar (16 lines) and infrared, ultrasonic sensor arrays as well as GPS and inertial navigation. I already have a small CAN controlled vehicle.

We want to use open source software as much as possible for a quick demo of the feasibility. I saw the release of the Issac GEMS and NVIDIA Carter. Should we use them to start our project? Is there a good hard platform from which we can connect many cameras, lidar, GPS and IMU?

Many thanks in advance.



The Isaac SDK is a developer toolbox for accelerating the development and deployment of AI-powered robots, for autonomous vehicle you could use DRIVE AGX Xavier platform, please find more information from or you could contact with our regional NVIDIA representative to get the details.