Autonomous robocar with ISAAC SDK

Hi, I have been developing my robocar. My car as showed in this pic

has Jetson TX2 (I am upgrading with a Xavier), 2D Lidar, fisheye camera, CSI camera, IMU, RTK GPS, car control, LED etc.

I have been participating in local DiyRobocar Race. I have developed myself the race software for localization, planning and race strategery, which took me a lot of time and effort. Now I would like to develop it into an real autonomous application. Let’s say I would like the car drive autonomousely from my home to the local grocery store, can I use Isaac SDK to do it? Does Isaac SDK has most of the components needed?

Hi AutoCar,

Please find more information and download it at to do the study if can be leveraged on your project.
Or can open issue at Isaac forum at