Rover up and running on Xavier

Had to build a few ROS nodes from source and make some changes to the roboteq motor controller driver to run on melodic but the stack is up and running on the Xavier. Xavier is turning out to be a very sweet machine.

Very nice danpollock :)

Cool, sounds like now you’re ready for Isaac SDK to help teach it some new tricks!

Yea I am looking forward to the Issac SDK. From what I’ve seen about it so far it will be a step forward. Big thing to me is full acceleration of everything. You can make ROS nodes work with Cuda but its a real pain. ROS 2 looks like its going to do away with that restriction but I’m ready for something new to learn :)

Yeah, I’d love to check out ISAAC, too.

Then again, it also feels as if NVIDIA is stretching itself a bit thin, given all the different SDKs and technologies they’re trying to support at once…

Drove it around a bit today before it started raining again. Using xbox controller and teleop_twist_joy over the wifi connection. Cutting the length down really makes it turn great. Ready for some Issac.