Lens for Sekonix

Currently we are testing our autonomous driving stack on Drive PX2, and we are using NVIDIA’s Sekonix AR-02331 sf3324 && sf3325 in our camera stack, and I wanted to know whether the lens of the above camera are removable ?.

We are currently planning to place a huge order for the above sekonix cameras to upscale our testing scenario on the DRIVE platform and for that we need to know whether the camera lenses are fixed permanently or can be removable manually ?

If in case they are fixed and cannot be removed, Is there any possibility for you to provide us with cameras which have removable lenses, so that we can test out with other focal length lenses for testing purposes?

Any help would be appreciated.

Dear @rajkumar.palanisamy,
whether the lens of the above camera are removable ?

Did you check with Sekonix about the possibility.

No its hard and next to impossible to remove the camera lenses after production, the another possibility is to tell your vendor before hand about your lens and specification .