Can I handle camera configuration with px2 which include dw1.2?


I’d like to use Drive PX2 as camera processing board.
(I have a lot of Sekonix camera, and PX2 have many port for the camera, that’s why I use)

I read documents and sample code, but I can’t find out some camera configuration what I want to handle.(there is no description for lists about dwSensorParams.parameters in the document.)

Anyway, can I handle exposure, white balance for Sekonix cameras(SF3324-100, SF3325-100, SF3326-100)?

If can, please let me know how to handle those parameters with driveworks(version 1.2) interfaces.

Thank you

Dear @PigBro,
Please see how to control sensor gain and exposure in driver works (Solved) if it helps. Please check DW sensor enumeration sample and rig file format section to know details on supported camera parameters.