Lenses or microscope?

Hallo Everyone,
My project is to detect glue in a small nozzle.
Currently I am using PiCamera v2 but the photos are not perfect so I would like to ask if it is better to use a microscope or a PiCamera with lenses like (Sony IMX477 & CS Lens)?
and is it possible to just connect a microscope to Jetson Nano?
How can I choose the microscope or lenses?
Thank you very much.


IMX477 should work with Nano.
However, we don’t have too much experience with microscopes.
It’s recommended to check with the camera vendor to see if they support Jetson first.


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Thank you,
but do you think, that IMX477 will help me to focus on the glue correctly?
There are many kinds of IMX477 cameras, is 12.3MP sufficient??

I won’t guarantee any of these will work, but there are a lot of USB “inspection” microscopes which are likely what you want. Just make sure it doesn’t require any special driver since a generic USB driver is very likely able to do what you want without special effort. An inspection microscope search:

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