Best camera for long range distance detection (DetectNet)

Hi Guys,

I am currently working on a project to count the number of planes flying over my house, I leave near to the airport. I trained my model with a huge variety of pictures of planes from internet, plus the ones I took from my toys, and it works pretty damn well at a short distance using toys. I trained it with 2000 pictures, 200 epochs on Google Colab (because my nano would have taken a week to do so). However, it is not capable to recognize planes flying through the sky and I reckon the problem is the webcam I am using.

Do you have any recommendation regarding long range distance cameras for jetson nano?

Do you mean width range like fish eye?
Maybe consult with camera partner.

Thanks for answering mate! Nop, exactly the other way around coz I would need a narrow angle camera in order to see a longer distance. As far as I know, fish eye is about 180° wide.
Thanks tho!!

Just an aside, the IMX477-based Raspberry Pi HQ camera has support for C- and CS-mount lenses, so could could find an appropriate lens for your application. The camera partners will also have high-quality options available should you find a lens you like.

Thanks Dusty! Will try it :)!

OK, there is also this variant from Arducam that already has the resistor mod done in case you aren’t on Nano 2GB:

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