LI-TX1-CB Carrier board Speed

Dear community,
Recently I bought a LI-TX1-CB carrier board for the Jetson TX2, I could install the jetpack 4.6.3 I also installed CUDA and other libraries from the SDK Manager, but when I’m running opencv to open the cameras the jetson is too slow, even that, when opening chromiun browser it is also slow, when closing windows it is too sloe that I cannot work with the jetson. I’m not running anyother process, but it is too slow. I used my jetson in Nvidia devkit before and works perfect, I just change to LI-TX1-CB because it has three cameras MIPI.

Any advice I would appreciate.

Please run sudo jetson_clocks and sudo tegrastats. To run the system in maximum performance mode and see if there is improvement.

@DaneLLL thank you so much r your reply.
I did it but itbis still slow opening windows and the browser. I am not sure if it’s because of the carrier board. The carrier board is from leopard imagine Inc. and have three Mipi CSI coax cameras. If there’s no other way to make it faster then it’s what it is.

Just a second issue (“Sorry to post it here”)
In the same configuration (Tx2 and carrier board) when I try to record a video from the camera connected to the CSI coax camera using gstream in python opencv, it records too fast and losing frames, even if I set the fps to 30 or 20.
Do you have any advice?
Thank you so much.

I am closing this post since I found the error. The carrier board works pretty well.
The error was that I was installing SDK components forthe jetpack 4.6.4 and I have the 4.6.3.

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