Libraries shipped with Driver vs Cuda SDK


I have Driver 375.66 and SDK 8.0.66 installed on my Centos 6 system.I found both ships with OpenCL, nvidia-ml and so on.

What is the difference between these two binaries? I found OpenCL that ships with the Driver has symbols tagged with version (eg clCreateContext@@OPENCL_1.0) and the one with the SDK doesn’t (eg clCreateContext).

Is there any problem if the application loads both libraries? Or vice versa, if it only loads one but not the other? The project I’m developing is a Plug-in for a DCC application and I have very limited control on what can be loaded or not.

Many Thanks,

If I were an OpenCL developer, I would code for the GPU driver libraries only.

The SDK is not guaranteed to be loaded on a target system, and furthermore it is not required for OpenCL functionality. The GPU driver, OTOH, is expected to be available on any target system where you expect to run OpenCL codes on a NVIDIA GPU.