LICENSE MANAGER PROBLEM: Failed to checkout license

I’m trying to use the PGI C compiler with the trial license key I just generated, and it fails with the above error.

I saved the generated license file to /opt/pgi/license.dat.

I did:
export LM_LICENSE_FILE=/opt/pgi/license.dat

The hostid used was what was the string returned by:
lmutil lmhostid

What did I miss?

Hi gordan,

This could mean a wide variety licensing issues. Have you followed all the install and licensing steps shown in the PGI installation guide? If you’re still having problems, please write a note to since customer support will have access to your account information that may be helpful in determining the problem.


Yes, I followed the instructions.

For a start, the license file that was generated has:
as the first line. According to the documentation this should be more like:
SERVER 27000

where is FQDN of the machine and is the string returned by lmutil hostid.