LICENSE MANAGER PROBLEM: User ID pn****** not found


We have a weird problem. We try to run pgf77 on Linux and the folowing error message appears.

LICENSE MANAGER PROBLEM: User ID pn****** not found.
(****** is a number)

LM_LICENSE_PATH is set. Does anyone know how to solve this.

pgi is installed in /home/user/pgi

license.dat is also there.

Thanks for the help.

Richard Smits,

Richard –

The problem is that you used the pn****** username in your license key. When
licensing with a PGI= hostid, you need to use an actual user that exists on your
computer (verified through /etc/passwd, NIS, or LDAP).

The PGI pn***** username is only used to access the PGI web site so that you
can generate license keys for your purchased product.

You’ll need to delete the existing license keys and generate new ones.


Thanks !

It works now !

Greetings… Richard Smits