Lidar TFMini Plus connection via I2C

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I have problem to connection 2 lidars (TFMini Plus) to Jetson Nano via “I2C”…
I used the library, link: GitHub - budryerson/TFMini-Plus-I2C_python: Python module fot TFMini-Plus in I2C communication mode.
I’m using 1 lidar via this library, no problem… well
but I don’t know how to connect second lidar…
After initialization of second lidar, I can’t get data from first lidar.

Has anyone solved this problem?
Can you help me to solver this task… any tips.

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Did you connect to the same I2C bus?
Did you check if any configure for I2C bus configure and slave address configure?

Thank you for your fast reply …
I used the different ports and addresses to lidars…

import time
import sys
import tfmpi2c as tfmP0 # Import tfmpi2c module v0.0.7
import tfmpi2c as tfmP1 # Import tfmpi2c module v0.0.7

I2CPort = 0 # I2C(0), pins 27/28
I2CAddr = 0x11 # Device address in Hex 11 = Decimal 17
b0 = tfmP0;
print("I2C mode Bus(0): ", end=‘’)
if (b0.begin(I2CPort, I2CAddr)):
print(“ready Bus(0)”)
print(“not ready Bus(0)”)
# sys.exit() # quit the program if I2C bus not ready

I2CPort = 1 # I2C(0), pins 3/5
I2CAddr = 0x10 # Device address in Hex 10 = Decimal 16
b1 = tfmP1;
print("I2C mode Bus(1): ", end=‘’)
if (b1.begin(I2CPort, I2CAddr)):
print(“ready Bus(1)”)
print(“not ready Bus(1)”)
# sys.exit() # quit the program if I2C bus not ready

… after initialization, runing and getting data from Bus(0) and Bus(1) I have:

data (value = ‘dist’) in debugger shows Bus(0) = Bus(1), same value of ‘dist’,
although the lidars are directed in different directions.





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I would suggest using i2cget utility to check if able get the data from both devices and then break down the python code to figure the root cause.


I’m getting:


may be I have to send a command to TFMini Plus that it start to send data…

Thank you!

If there’s no any error message in dmesg that tell the i2c communicate to the device without problem. You may need to trace the python code to figure out the problem.

I will try to divide the code (tasks) to 2 threads.
then I reply here…

Thank you!

Is this still an issue to support? Any result can be shared? Thanks


Yes, I will answer next week, just now I put off this task.


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