Linker not able to find shared object ( put in local repository

Hi Guys,

Thanks in advance.I am very new to nvidia jetson platform.

System configuration:
On Xavier NX jetpack Jetpack4.5.1,booted through SD card
ROS1 version: Melodic

Issue:I am trying to do catkin_make to some repository containing containing local shared object(.so file)
then I am getting linker error .
I have attached the error with this ticket.

   Repository information :
    Also I have made its softlink at all possible places 
    /usr/lib/ ,
     And did export LIBRARY_PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH with these locations, but no luck.

   Note: On laptop machine having ubuntu 18.04 os and melodic installed it is success.

   So is there any other way of linking shared object on Jetson xavier nx?
   Any lead will be highly appreciated.


Could you reference to below link if can build the ros_deep_learning.


I tried your above mentioned link…I am able to build ros_deep_learning.
Still facing the same issue.

Do you really think,this repository building is solution to this problem?



The error indicates a missing library called parallel_algorithm.
Unfortunately, we don’t have experience with it and it looks like a custom library.

If you know the library, please install it first and run it again.
If not, you should be able to build the repository without it via the corresponding configure.