Linux Mint can't switch to console when using nVidia driver

Running Mint 16 amd64. With the Nouveau driver installed, I can switch to console mode with CTRL+ALT+F1(F2-F6) no problem. With the 331.20 nVidia driver installed, when I switch to console mode with CTRL+ALT+F1(F2-F6) I just get a completely blank black screen. I can switch back to the GUI with CTRL+ALT+F8, but I can’t get console mode to work at all.

I have seen the same problem reported on the Mint forums by another user who was running Mint 15 amd64 and the nVidia 313 driver.

Well, I’ve found the fix for this problem is to add “video=vesa:off vga=normal” to the Linux kernel boot command line. Adding that also enables me to see boot messages on the screen, which weren’t previously displaying with the nVidia driver installed.