Linux X64 CUDA setup

Hey there,
I’ve tried to setup Suse Linux 10.2 x64 and I’ve just been having trouble with it as far as trying to get the Linux Display Driver version 100.14 to work with it. Suse didn’t install a compiler off the bat so I chose GCC-4.1 (I think this was right), I then installed the source from the Kernel Source package from the package utility. When I tried to compile the kernel extension, it said my source didn’t match my kernel. So I’m lost =(

Is there a recommended linux I should use for this that will work out of box or is there no way around spending a few days trying to figure this stuff out? I do apologize for my lack of knowledge here, I’m not very good at setting up systems.


Processor: Q6600
GPU: 8800GTX
MB: NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI (EVGA 122-CK-NF63-TR)

I’ve not had any issues installing 100.14.11 on SUSE-10.2-x86_64 as long as I had the kernel & corresponding kernel-source RPMs installed.

You should post the driver installer log if you’d like further assistance, however you might want to consider posting this issue over here, as there are alot of SUSE users who can help with specific RPM questions: