No X after installing 190.53 on OpenSuse 11.2


I’m hoping someone can help me out with this… My goal is to get the CUDA environment running on my GTX275 in OpenSuse Linux 64-bit 11.2. Now, my understanding is that the CUDA card required to do CUDA development cannot be also used as the display card–correct? My motherboard has GeForce 9300 built-in, so I could use that for the X server GUI display, and the GTX 275 as the CUDA number cruncher if necessary.

How would I go about getting this set up correctly?

I downloaded the 64-bit Linux driver (version 190.53, I believe it is), but after running the .run file, my X server is gone–in other words, the login prompt comes up in text mode now. I tried to start the X server with xstart, but I get a ‘no screens detected’ error message. Does the driver work okay with OpenSuse 11.1, as opposed to 11.2? How can I get the GUI set up properly and also do CUDA development?

Thanks for any help with this.

It’s no problem to run CUDA on the display device. I think you have ‘just’ messed up your X settings. Have you used the official Nvidia 1-click repository, or did you install the driver manually?