Looking for advice on diagnosing AGX xavier not booting on a CTI Rogue Carrier)



How could I diagnose a problem with a supposedly operational Xavier AGX prod module, that does not seem to boot. (Behaves like a computer without a storage attached, but not even Hdmi, USB activity so maybe hardware failure?)

I’ve received a xavier agx production module from a partner (on a CTI Rogue Carrier), that has been configured, installed, should work out-of-the-box.
I am confident that they have done their job and this computer should work. During delivery the device was in esd safe and soft packaging, so no reason for a damage.

In theory I should just plug it in and have ssh, http etc. going.


  • powering on: 1 blue led means POWER OK
  • 0.5 sec later: 2nd blue led means BOOTING
  • The carrier board seems to work OK (based on the leds)
  • and then nothing happens
  • no HDMI (tested with two monitors on both hdmi)
  • no ETH activity (no link led or anything) - tested with two cables on both ports.
  • no USB power (tested with two different keyboards, on two USB-C ports, not even 5V comes out)
  • USB serial console: the ftdi seems to work (tested with 2 computers, recognized by both a windows in devicemanager and a linux lsusb)
  • but not a single byte of traffic, and no response to any keypress sent (putty and minicom respectively. Even tried 9600 and 115200 bauds)


  • two power supplies
  • two ethernet ports
  • two ethernet cables
  • two monitors
  • two hdmi ports
  • two keyboards
  • two usb ports
  • two computers for usb serial (both recognize the ftdi, but no data)
  • pressed the PWR button, for short, medium and long (no effect)
  • pressed the RST button for short, medium (no effect)
  • DID NOT TRY TO REFLASH or RECOVERY (as this is a prepared preinstalled environment)

I’m looking for advice on

  • how to move forward with diagnostics
  • identify if I have missed something
  • clearly prove (identify) that there is a hardware / software failure somewhere?
  • any troubleshooting documentation would be interesting to follow.

Hi Peter,

I see that you have contacted our support department directly, and are in the process of getting a new module. When received if you need any additional assistance at all of course just let us know.


-Rob Callaghan