Love and Hate the Nano

My micro SD card issues are maddening. Although I did do fine with a good sandisk 32 GB on try 4. However I moved over to an usb ssd drive and haven’t hosed the system since, “Just cursed myself!”. I am impressed with the hardware after learning just a little bit and finding I can actually pull 2 streams of 1080p video and playback with respectable performance. This running with just below 50% resources being used re: jtop, an exception being memory with a usage at around 2.6 GB and the gpu bouncing between 5% and 51%. clearly this could probably handle one more stream. As for real-time object detection with the demos I have run I am not so impresses with a clocking of 4fps from one stream. This could be due to the actual program and not hardware, I do not know at this point due to being a total noob within this realm. Happy I did not cheap out and purchase the new 2GB Nano but sort of sorry I did not just get an Xaiver as I think knowing the little I know now that that might suit my desired video processing better. Still much to learn and I am sure my perspective will change accordingly. One big bright spot for the whole ecosystem from my initial perspective is the forum support with the issues I have run into.

Anyhow Thanks for the support previous and future.


Good luck and looking forward to see your project get successes and sharing to community!