M60 setup

Do I need special software to setup an M60 card?

I was on my way to installing 361.45 driver (recommended here https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/942116/system-hangs-when-issuing-quot-nvidia-smi-q-quot-command-after-installing-cuda/ to deal with nvidia-smi hanging)

but noticed that the M60 is not listed as a supported card - do i actually need to buy extra software to get this running?

What do you want to do with the M60? For CUDA (7.5) usage, grab the appropriate driver from www.nvidia.com

For example this 352.99 driver should work for 64-bit linux usage:


The thread you link pertains to AWS EC2 instances. If you’re not running the M60 in a AWS EC2 instance (presumably you are not, since such instances do not exist, at least publicly) then I don’t think that thread is pertinent. With respect to that thread, 361.45 isn’t the only possible driver that contains the fix for the EC2 issue related to 352.39 in the CUDA 7.5 toolkit, it’s just one possible choice.

the standard 352.39 driver that came with the cuda7.5 installer runfile led to the nvidia-smi hang which got me to the similar aws issue. That solution (namely don’t install 352.x bit rather 361.45) worked for me.

In general, GPUs that reach the market after a particular CUDA toolkit is released may not be supported by the driver that is contained in that toolkit. I believe this is the case here, which is why I suggested following the general procedure I outlined. Certainly it should be fine to use 361.45 (instead of 352.99) if that driver supports M60.