Machine is Freezing ?#/*!

I have a 1060c, GeForce 8800 GTX, Intel Core 2 Extrme CPU Q6850 3.00 GHz & 8 GB of RAM running x64 O.S… My machine freezes randomly since I had the 1060c installed. My tech added an Azus motherboard & 1000w power supply when the install was done & reloaded Windows. The machine will freeze occasionally at start up & while running CAD, but consistently when I try rendering in Max.

Anyone have ideas? I would greatly appreciate them!!!

Whenever I have problems with a similar setup it turns out to be either the Motherboard or CPU that is faulty (well, I had a dead PSU last time). I have a Dell XPS 720H2C that has now:
PSU #2
MB #5
CPU #4