macOS pgi 17.4 community edition not compiling c++ multicore


My mac meets the requirements and I’m just testing the compiler on some c++ code which uses some openACC pragmas. The build is failing with some header issues. It is claiming that:

/usr/bin/…/include/c++/v1/__tuple", line 93: error: pair is not a
template <class _T1, class _T2> struct __tuple_like<pair<_T1, _T2> > : true_type {};


The code itself is fine - and compiles on other architectures. I can even compile it with g+±5.

just adding a note - i’m checking the localrc in $PGIBIN and it seems ok.


can you post (or send to an example that demonstrates
the issue?

Also need to know what OS X version you have.

Also need to know the version of Xcode you have
Goto Finder-> Applications -> Xcode
Xcode bar -> preferences -> Components
and whether all was installed and license agreement assents
were done (Xcode command line tool often is not installed or
license agreement assented to ).

I do not believe we support Xcode 9.* yet, or anything before OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or after OS X 10.12 (Sierra).