Mail crashes in Xavier NX

Recently I flashed Jetson Xavier NX with jetpack 4.5.1.Everytime,when I try to login to my email account,it gets logged in and the gets logged out.

I rebooted the board.Still the issue persists.
Please help.

Can you tell what detailed error you have seen? An error screenshot will be more helpful.
Also did you close SDK Manager app during the login process in external browser?


I managed to login to my gmail account using incognito mode.
Unfortunately its hard to take a screenshot

Just like how we usually login to our mail account,once I provide the mail ID and password,I will be able to login to my mail account.But after few seconds,I will get logged out (in chromium)

I had met with the same issue before,so I reflashed jetpack 4.4.
But now I need to use with jetpack 4.5.Hence I got this crashing issue

I used the below link to flash the image.I didnt use the SDK Manager app.

Had the same issue. It was solved after I upgraded the packages.

Maybe can try with Firefox to see if issue still presented.

Thanks alot! That worked. @rangaresearch
Thankyou @kayccc