Map detected corner points to flat rectangle using VPI

Hello. I want to use VPI’s remap tool to flatten/ “unwrap” images from a cylindrical object. I can wrap a checkboard around the object and use that for calibration. My original plan was to use VPI’s lens distortion correction algorithms because it looked like it would achieve similar results but the results were not great. I also am trying to do something similar with the polynomial correction algorithm.

But given that the object will always be in the same place as where we take the calibration images from, is there any way to use VPI’s warp map to do something similar to:
“Given these corners, map them to these points (which I will just turn into a flat rectangle) and use interpolation to figure out the rest.” Then I can just reuse that warpmap on all the subsequent images we take.

I don’t know if this is achieved as easily as I am hoping but if any of you have put any thought into this challenge please let me know. Thanks!