Mapped Memory I/O post error

I have 3 Dell R730s Im trying to configure for Grid K1 cards. Per the grid deployment guide, it says to disable the Memory Mapped I/O above 4GB setting. When I do that, all 3 servers boot up to an error UEFI0134: unable to allocate Memory mapped I/O… and it tells me to re-enable that setting. The system BIOS is up to date. Is there some other step?

BIOS 1.2.10


Which hypervisor are you using?

That setting is only required on early Hypervisor releases.

If you’re using XenServer 6.5 and later you don’t need that setting.

Same goes for vSphere, current releases don’t need it.

Im using vSphere 6. Section of the grid vgpu deployment guide says disable it for on Dells.
The guide mentions vSphere 6 so its current but doesn’t mention that the setting is no longer required. I will re-enable it.

The Dell R730 is different from the R720. I was using XS 6.2 with the K1 cards on a R720 and it allowed you to disable MMIO. The Dell R730 doesn’t allow that. Citrix fixed it with XS 6.5 where you don’t disable MMIO above 4gb. You might want to check with VMWARE if they have a fix for it.