Markup Tool

I’m currently facing an in viewing the Exported Markups,
The directory that opens doesn’t look familiar, I am not sure where it is saving the image or how to find my folders to save.
Please check the attached image for more reference

@shazan.fazal i am just another user, but could you confirm if you are using the markup tool through Presenter or other OV apps?

So how does this work is, from frontend once a user clicks on the button it will open the Omniverse Application,
and then the user can click on the markup tool button and do its purpose of work

i dont’ think the location of the individual markup image is exposed to users to configure since it’s tied to your stage/layer. the export of a markup playlist, on the otherhand, can be configured (what you showed in your screengrab). the kiosk is the directory of your local drive where you can save the exported file (CSV, PDF, etc) locally, and it looks like you had your desktop as your target destination. feel free to elaborate the directory you were expecting something else; otherwise, i’ll defer to the mods.

alternatively, you could use the capture screenshot tool (F10) and configure the screenshot path in preferences

that way, each screenshot could be in separate location of your choosing. this works fairly well with the viewport fullscreen mode (F11) if you want to hide the markup viewport toolbar.