Masking pins B-5 and B-6 on CEM connector (male connector) to fix Mini PCIe errors on AverMedia C353

I have been banging my head about this for days now and I have PM’d both participants in this topic (Jetson Nano mini-PCIe capture card issues) about masking pins B-5 and B-6 and I have put tape on pins 5 and 6 on the B=Bottom of the M.2 male connector and also tried the Mini PCIe card and I am still getting boot errors that cause the nano not to boot, could someone that is familiar with which EXACT pins and which connector M.2 or Mini PCIe pins are B-5 and B-6? I have Googled diagram after diagram with absolutely no luck and no boot and I can not respond to this particular topic as it is closed. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Thank you NVIDIA community for any assistance :)

Here is the serial/uart console log:

Solved by searching dmesg log and matching errors from here: "PCIe Bus Error: severity=Corrected" on Jetson Nano - #3 by vidyas

added pcie_aspm=off to extlinux.conf kernel command line :)

I will rebuild kernel with more permenant settings:

Removing “CONFIG_PCIEASPM_POWERSAVE=y” and setting “CONFIG_PCIEASPM_PERFORMANCE=y” in the kernel configuration```

Sorry for the late response, hoping issue can be resolved smoothly.

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