Maxium number of vGPU reached ESXi6.0

I recently installed the latest driver package on my ESXi 6.0 server and have run into a problem when trying to add another VM with vGPU pass through it says I have reached the maxium supported number of pass through devices on host? I’m using a k1 and the 140 profile so I thought and with the older version I had 13 VM’s running so I know at one point I had more than 12 VM’s with vGPU enabled? so I guess my question is has Nvidia put a .imit on the number of pass through devices supported or is the ESXi Essentials license I’m using? the system config is Dell R730, Nvidia K1, Teradici Apex 2800, 384 GB of memory, 24 cores and 12 SSD drives in raid 5 group. Any help would be greatly appreciated I would like to run as many VM’s and still have a stable system

The driver version is the 348.07 package sorry for leaving that out

Can you provide the full error message, where it’s appearing and if possible a screenshot.


Any update on the screenshot?

You can also submit a bug here

And include the output from from the ESX shell.