Hi. I have an NVIDIA NANO JETSON 2G with developer kit 4.9.253-tegra aarch64, and I need to use it with the MCP2515 CAN-BUS module.

I added the can, can-raw, can-bcm, can-gw, can-dev, mcp251x and mttcan drivers and they are inserted without errors into the kernel, I even put it in the list of modules to be added at system startup and the boot occurs normally - with the appropriate drivers included.

The problem is that the ‘can0’ interface is not created.

I followed the developer guide ( ) and the ‘jetson-io’ does not provide the “MCP” option to configure.

I’ve read several posts about this same issue here on the forum, but I’m in doubt, because many are about specific issues and others are for older versions of jetson or developer kit, and many files and settings are recommended without being sure they work , which makes everything confusing.

So I was wondering if there is a safe, clean and general procedure to config the can-bus and MCP2515, considering a fresh installation of the developer kit on jetson in order not to make the system “dirty”.

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support? Thanks

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Yes ! I still need support!
I tried several ways to activate and configure the MCP251x on Jeson Nano 2G with no results. The documentation for this model is poor.

I’m using kernel 4.9.253-tegra aarch64, and considering I’m using a fresh install of the dev kit and the mcp board is plugged into jetson, how do I go about installing a MCP251x driver and configuration?