Meaning / label for NVENC Preset {7ADD423D-D035-4F6F-AEA5-50885658643C}

I am following the NVENC Programming Guide Section 3.3 to enumerate the available presets.

The values look the same for both H264 and HEVC - there are 17 GUIDs in total on my card.

Of those 17, 7 GUIDs correspond to the new presets (i.e. P1 through P7) and 9 GUIDs correspond to the old / deprecated 9.x presets. I’m OK with that.

However that leaves one that doesn’t appear to be in the documentation. It is {7ADD423D-D035-4F6F-AEA5-50885658643C}.

I’d like to map the GUIDs to sensible labels to display to the user. Is there a documented name or label, or inferred meaning for that GUID?

streaming. xpra/encoder.pyx at b32f748e0c29cdbfab836b3901c1e318ea142b33 · ljmljz/xpra · GitHub

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