Meanings of Throughputs in GPU Trace


is there any source of information on the meanings of the Throughput values in the GPU Trace? To be precise, I fail to find any explanation of the PROP Throughput (I know that CROP is Color Raster Output and ZROP is Z-buffer Raster Output). More detailed explanation of all the other graph values would be useful too. The tooltips don’t cut it most of the time. I am currently scavenging information here and here Especially these official docs should have a section dedicated to this, but I don’t really find any detailed explanation.


Thank you for using Nsight Graphics and your question on getting detailed explanations on some of the metrics that GPU Trace reports. Here are some additional links that will provide more information on the throughput metrics that GPU Trace supports.

See GPU Trace Feature spotlight video:

See Louis Bavoil’s presentation:

See Blog Post entitled " Optimizing VK/VKR and DX12/DXR Applications Using Nsight Graphics: GPU Trace Advanced Mode Metrics":