Mellanox configuration steps after initial setup

Hi All,

Need to know after initial configuration of 2*Mellanox 8700 switches, what next to be done for configuring the IB ports for DGX nodes communication?
do we need to configure MLAG or leave the ports as default?
Also i heard there is no need of stacking across Mellanox switches?
Any update would be really grateful.

thanks in advance

Hi there,

The DGX systems come preconfigured as IB ports.
IB switches are plug and play
You just need to start opensm.
You can do that by running “ibsm” on one of the switches


Thanks for the info
subnet manager is already running in the switches
we had done stacking between 2 switches too, is it really needed?
Also there is a UFM appliance, where we had connected both the switches to UFM IB ports. Any config to be done in UFM?