Mellanox Messaging Library RPM

Is there an archive of the mxm RPMs available? We are trying to find a copy of the mxm RPM that is compatible with CentOS 4.4. We need to compile OpenMPI with MXM on a system running CentOS 4.4.

Thank you.

No, unfortunately it is CentOS 4.4. This is an old cluster we are using to run a numerical model.

CentOS 4.4?? any chance you had a typo and you are looking for CentOS 5.4?

Thank you for your help. Here are the versions of everything we have:





and for openmpi:


Currently, MXM does not support CentOS 4.4 but 5.x+

What OFED version do you use on that cluster?

we will try to build rpm for your setup once info is provided.

mxm supports OMPI 1.6 and later. (and 64bit archs only).

OMPI 1.2 is way old, as well as ofed 1.2.

can you consider upgrade your system to latest?