Mellanox OFED installation on ubuntu using apt-get stuck at cannot load RAND_load_file

I am trying to install MLNX_OFED drivers on a ubuntu22.04 based virtual machine. When I try to install mlnx-ofed-all package, it gets stuck at the below stage

Can’t load /var/lib/shim-signed/mok/.rnd into RNG
40A7F4CD7A7F0000:error:12000079:random number generator:RAND_load_file:Cannot open file:…/crypto/rand/randfile.c:106:Filename=/var/lib/shim-signed/mok/.rnd

I am following the instructions below

Can someone please help me proceed with the installation process.

thanks in advance


Since you’re installing on a VM, it’s possible that the /mok/.rnd file does not exist and that’s the reason for the error. I would suggest attempting to install using the installation script, as described here:
You would need to download the .tgz/.iso file for this.

If the issue still persists or any other issues arise, please open a case at:, and it will be handled according to entitlement.

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