Microphone Array and Bluetooth


I need recommendations for a microphone array (4 to 6 mics) that can be used with jetson nano. I have come across ( ReSpeaker Mic Array v2.0 ) that seems to have been verified but is now unavailable and the Respeaker 4-mic does not seem to have a jetson nano driver as of yet. Are there any recommended or tested arrays?
Are there any bluetooth (BLE) modems verified with the jetson nano ?]
Thank you

Hi rj_92,

I can’t answer this due to haven’t verified any microphone array and bluetooth (BLE) modems , you may use the forum search function to see if can find similar cases as reference.

Hi rj_92,

I did nano to work with respeaker v2 with isaac sdk’s sample app. isaac 2020.1 has it.


thank you @gyillikci, I came across the link you shared earlier but the respeaker v2 seems to be out of stock everywhere.
Just unfortunate though.