ReSpeaker 4-Mic Linear Array Kit + Jetson Nano B01

This product is NOT specifically designed to work with Jetson Nano. Product page confirms this to work with Raspberry Pi compatible(Support Raspberry Pi Zero and Zero W, Raspberry Pi B+, Raspberry Pi 2 B, Raspberry Pi 3 B, Raspberry Pi 3 B+, Raspberry Pi 3 A+ and Raspberry Pi 4)

I cannot find an equivalent product certified to work with the Nano.

Before I start experimenting, checking if someone has tested (and failed or succeeded) with this accessory.

Link to full product details:

Hi vanand1,

We haven’t verified 4-MIC Linear Array on any of our Jetson boards (connected via 40Pin HDR). However, looking at the spec, it looks compatible to Jetson.

JFYI, We have verified 4-Mic Circular array HAT on Jetson.


Hey @sharadg

Did you mean we can use 4-Mic Circular array HAT on Jetson Nano if we follow the step in ?


Yes @ismailryt90,

Re-Speaker 4 MIC Circular Array HAT can be used with Jetson. All detailed instructions are @


Thanks you for your response @sharadg. Now im trying to follow the intructions @

Im a newbie, i tried to understand and find the answer but still confused. I hope you can help me.

At point 1 i already installed JetPack4.3, do i have to patch " jetson_BSP32.3.patch " too? If yes can you tell me how to

Point 2 is,Copy following files from seeed-voicecard repo to kernel/nvidia/sound/soc/codecs. But i cant find kernel/nvidia/sound/soc/codecs, it will appear after i pacth jetson_BSP32.3.patch?

Thanks so much,

Hi @ismailryt90

Sorry for the delay. We have updated the Readme with correct info @seeed-voicecard/README-jetson-4mic-linear-array-support at jetson-respeaker-4mic-array-compatible · AshaTalambedu/seeed-voicecard · GitHub.
@seeed-voicecard/README-jetson-4mic-circular-array-support at jetson-respeaker-4mic-array-compatible · AshaTalambedu/seeed-voicecard · GitHub

(depending on the array used at your end)

Regarding jetson_BSP32.3.patch file, please open jetson_BSP32.3.patch in any editor and make code changes in respective files manually as suggested in the patch file.

Let us know if you face issues.


Sorry, I cannot access this link, could you help me to access this?


New link : seeed-voicecard/README-jetson-4mic-linear-array-support at jetson-respeaker-4mic-array-compatible · AshaTalambedu/seeed-voicecard · GitHub

Hi Sharadg,

I am using NVIDIA jetson nano B01. However in jetson_BSP32.3.patch file, I see that the file change is applied for tegra210-jetson-cv-base-p2597-2180-a00.dts. Is it a problem?

When I changed the kernel and apply the pimux configuration using

sudo /opt/nvidia/jetson-io/ -o dtb i2s4

The system cannot boot again. Do you have any suggestion about the problem?