Respeaker 4Mic Circular Array + Jetson Nano Solve Patch Problem

Hello guys, im trying to use ReSpeaker 4Mic Circular Array work wih jetson nano, and now i know i have to follow @ , to make it work.

There is a files needed to integrate ReSpeaker and Jetson Nano,

├── ac101.c
├── ac101_regs.h
├── ac108.c
├── ac108.h
├── ac10x.h
├── jetson_BSP32.3.patch
├── README-jetson
└── sound-compatible-4.18.h

I already merge files needed into seeed-voicecard directory, and the next step is

  1. Patch for L4T 32.3.1 (part of JetPack 4.3) - jetson_BSP32.3.patch

I already installed JetPack4.3 in jetson nano, but im new at this and didnt know how to patch
" jetson_BSP32.3.patch ", i try to understand and find out how, but still confused so if anyone wants to give detailed directions i am very helpful

Hi ismailryt90,

Please refer to Merging with patch (Comparing and Merging Files)

Hi kayyc,

Your answer really help me to understand about patch thank you!

if I find points that I can’t understand anymore, i will ask again