MIPI CSI2 debug


I have a camera with MIPI CSI2 interface.The hardware is complete and it’s streaming.But I don’t know what the data type is.So the data is discarded.(Which state in TRM page 2389 If the data-type does not match the programmed value for the corresponding pixel parser then the packet is discarded and page 2399 Header Parser)

But if I can print the data type in VI/CSI drivers,I can know the data type.Is it possible?If it’s possible,where should I edit?

Another question,if I don’t know the resolution or other parameters,Could I print it in VI/CSI drivers?

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hello CalmCar,

sensor data-types and resolution should be list in the sensor spec.
driver should following these to allocate necessary memory buffer for sensor frames.
is there any reason to dump them in the VI/CSI driver?

hello JerryChang

There’s a ISP in my camera module.It supports many color format,like yuv 8bit,yuv 10bit,yuv 12bit etc.The output color format control by firmware.but the firmware supplier also do not know the format.

So,debuging with TX1 is the best way.Please help me dump the low level info.Thanks

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hello CalmCar,

you could dump the register values to know the status.
please refer to TX1 TRM, and take a look into 31.7 VI Input CSI Interface Registers
you could check the pixel format with VI_CSI_0_IMAGE_DEF_0
and the image size with VI_CSI_0_CSI_IMAGE_SIZE_0

Hi CalmCar,

Have you clarified the cause and resolved the problem?
Any further result can be shared?


The two register’s value is not coming from real resolution.They come from what I define in the driver.
Now I give up this question.I try to get the image parameters from sensor FAE