Missing Files for CuDNN-7 ..... downgrade

Hi, dear developers:

I need two files to downgrade Xavier NX (Ubuntu/Arm64)
from cuDNN-8 to cuDNN-7:

cuDNN 7.6.4 for Ubuntu 18.04 (libcudnn7_7.6.4.30-1+cuda10.2_arm64.deb)
cuDNN 7.6.4 Tar archive for Linux (cudnn-10.2-linux-aarch64-v7.6.4.30.tgz)

could you please help me to find those two files ?

this is for a project described at http://www.ezchess.org/

thank you very much for help!


Hi @mebc,
You can find it in the archived release.


thank you for your reply.
still I cannot locate those files for arm64 machines (Jetson NX) in the archives.
where are they axacly located???

thanks in advance