Missing OTA Board Specs for AGX Orin in Jetpack 5.0.2


There do not appear to be OTA board specs for AGX Orin in the OTA tools for Jetpack 5.0.2. This is to say that the file ota_board_specs.conf has not been updated. Presumably these are the same specs that are missing in /etc/nv_boot_control.conf of the L4T package.

Please provide the updated file whenever possible.

As well, the latest board specs in ota_board_specs.conf for AGX Xavier are for R32-7. Is it safe to assume the specs for R35-1 are the same?

Finally, has there been any change to the OTA procedure since Jetpack 4.6.1? Upon inspecting the Image-based OTA Update section of the documentation it does not seem so, but I would appreciate if this could be confirmed.


I believe this may be the same issue, just for your reference: Create ota package failed.

In case it was not clear, this is for image-based OTA updates to the same L4T version, same as this use-case.

This may not be available for Orin until a future L4T version (like, e.g., for Xavier NX), but I am not clear whether that’s the case.


Any update on whether image-based OTA updates for Orin will be available in the next Jetpack release, by any chance? Even a simple yes/no would do, if you don’t mind.

Thanks in advance. Much appreciated.