mlxlink - compliance code mismatch on ConnectX-4


I am testing a Mellanox ConnectX-4 NIC with mlxlink.

I have another NIC setup to 25G without auto-negotiation and without FEC. It is connected to the ConnectX-4 using DAC. PRBS31 test work successfully and without errors. However, mlxlink suggests that there is a compliance code mismatch between the module and the port configuration with opcode 16, group PHY FW. What does it mean?

Hi Niv,

The card’s firmware will read the contents of the EEPROM inside the cable to determine

its capabilities and next steps, such as whether it should try to bring up the link.

The error that you are seeing, might indicate that the transceiver code is not compliant with the NIC for 25G.


  1. What is the part number of the cable? Please make sure it is supported with our card.

  1. What is the link partner? Another NIC? Switch? Please make sure that the link partner is in force mode.

  2. What is the firmware version installed on the NIC? Please use the latest firmware release, available from our website (choose the relevant PSID).



Thanks Chen.

I just noticed I using a 10G cable and will soon try with a 25G cable. I guess I was confused since the supported cable speed printed by querying the device is (25G, 10G, 1G). I will update.