Module Auto-Power-On After Software Shutdown

The nano module is designed such that when 5V power is applied, the system automatically powers on. What is the expected behavior with a software shut down? How is it expected to power back on? Right now, it seems like the power needs to be pulled and then plugged back in. Is there a way for it to automatically turn back on?

You can short the DC EN near the HDMI connector.

Can you please clarify what you mean by shorting the DC EN near the HDMI connector?

I also would like to know how to automatically turn back on the Nano after a software shut down and need to test this on the Nano Dev Kit

No such way to auto power on after software shut down. What’s the use case? Why don’t you implement a RESET for this?

My question relates to the the answer provided by @ShaneCCC to @adamk6ro3 . The use case is for an always-on device. If software for some reason shuts down the Nano, then device shoud auto-reboot. @ShaneCCC mentioned that you need to short the DC EN near HDMI connector??

There’s DC EN pin near HDMI connector. When you power off the by software. You can connect this pin to ground to have system power on instead of unplug and plug the adapter.