monitor goes to power saving mode after reboot -- please help!


I’m using Ubuntu 16.04 with GTX 1080. Today after the reboot, the monitor goes to power saving mode directly. I have tried both VGA and DVI ports, neither are working. I tried other monitor as well, still not working. I googled the issue, seems related to GPU failure, but cannot find any satisfactory fix from the Internet. Could you please suggest how to fix this issue please?

Many thanks!

Can you get into bios? Does grub menu show up when you hold shift?

Hi @generix, thanks for getting back.

I have tried to press F2 and shift, but nothing happened. Still shows power saving mode.

So looks like a hardware failure. Might be anything, mainboard, psu, gfx card.

Hi @generix, I can see the ubuntu desktop now. But I’m stuck at the login page. Do you have any suggestions on this?

Switch to VT (ctrl+alt+f1), login there and run as root, transfer the tar.gz file it creates to a thumb drive and attach it to your post.

hello, i tried to run from /usr/lib/nvidia-390/bin, it says “cannot access ‘/proc/driver/nvidia/./gpus’:no such file or directory”. I have selected NVIDIA card as prime card.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (55.3 KB)

You have secure boot enabled in bios, so the nvidia driver doesn’t load.

@generix, thank you so much! the issue is fixed now.