Monitor turns black for n seconds and turns on again


Randomly the display turns off and then on again. Happens sometimes many times and others times not at all, randomly.

Any idea how to fix it?

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (236.3 KB)

NVIDIA(GPU-0): DFP-0: disconnected

NVIDIA(GPU-0): Samsung U32J59x (DFP-0): connected

Please try replacing the monitor cable.

@generix I tried 3 different cables, out of those cables 2 are brand new, makes no difference.

1 HDMI cable and 2 DispalyPort cables

Then this rather points to the monitor being broken.

Actually I’m having the same issue with a newly installed Nvidia RTX A4500 using 515.65 driver in OpenSUSE Tumbleweed.

I would get seemly random black screen / disconnects until I was able to replicate it in steam, whenever it would install a game or update files, the screen would go black, this also happened regularly in game when I was playing halo and it was installing the DLCs.

Try uninstalling the Nvidia propriety driver and use the nouveau version to see if your “disconnects” stop, it did for me which proved it was a driver issue rather than the monitor cable

Turns out it was my PCoIP remote workstation card getting network saturated and causing signal loss (it was disconnecting and reconnecting the monitor connection causing whatever monitors were plugged in (both local monitors and remote card) to flicker whether there was heavy network traffic, weird that it only happened with the proprietary drivers and not the nouveau ones